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Opening 13.07.19 at 19:00

@Herðubreið Gallery

SAKANA x DÚFA proudly present this years must see exhibition. DARK GLITTER.

DARK GLITTER was born at LungA in ‘18 where the artists collaborated with guidance from Andrew Thomas Huang. With joined interest in texture, soundscapes and grotesque beauty the artists entered the dark together.

With time DARK GLITTER expanded, leaked to the floors of Rýmd Gallery and is now back to its origin.

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Is the artist name of Sunna Axels. Known for her creative dj-sets, film photography, japanese inspired collage artwork, video art, direction, editing, ceramics and for hosting the local feminist podcast Smá Pláss.


Maríanna Eva Dúfa Sævarsdóttir is a visual artist who works with various materials. Installations, performance, sculptures, video art, photography and sound are just the beginning of her many passions. Dúfa participated in Woman in E, a performance piece by Ragnar Kjartansson over the course of three months.