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15.07 : Stefán Ingvar + DJ Daddy Issues

This event kills two birds with one stone, or maybe one bird with two stones, with Stefán Ingvar and Rebecca Scott Lord (Dj Daddy Issues) performing back to back. They’ve worked together before doing standup together, but this year at LungA, they’ll combine forces like has never been seen before. Stefán is on first with a darkly hilarious standup set, followed by Rebecca’s (also dark, also hilarious) performance.

Stefán Ingvar is a comedian, theatermaker and radio producer. He has done shows at various locations around the country, as well as in Þjóðleikhúskjallarinn, Mengi and Hard Rock. He is currently working as a dramaturg for a new production in the Reykjavík City Teater, as well as producing a series for the Icelandic national radio.

Rebecca Scott Lord is a Reykjavík based performer, standup comedian, erotic novelist, and all around catch who comes from the United States. She’s performed in bars, theater basements, and on the street with her shows Dates with Dudes, Comedy is a Safe Space, Oversharing Tours, and of course, DJ Daddy Issues. DJ Daddy Issues helps you work through your mommy and daddy issues through the power of karaoke, performance art, and dance.