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16.07 : THIS GRACE

Dance performance at 21:00


++ THIS GRACE by Höllu Þórðardóttur, Hannes Þór Egilsson og Sögu Sigurðardóttur ++

To have a body is to be effectuated - having a body is to have an affective relationship with one’s environment.

THIS GRACE is a choreographic reflection on our place and activity as parts of a whole. About our being in space and in a world as bodies and participants in an aesthetic as well as an ecological whole. How do we breathe and move as parts of a whole?

Three bodies in a rendéz-vous with space, sound, light and time. A moment for a sensuous existence influenced by tortoise myths and timeless theories on reciprocity of the corporeal and incorporeal.

THIS GRACE is a collaboration with the Iceland Dance Company and was first performed at Reykjavik Art Museum, in interaction with Anna Guðjónsdóttir´s installation work Pars pro toto.

Music score by Hannes Þór Egilsson