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19.07 : ZAAR

Concert 19.07 at 16:30

@ Blue Church

ZAAR is not your regular loop-artist. Sara Flindt surrounds herself with effect pedals and a loop-station and presents an extreme dynamic range by layering her voice, creating vast textures that drift on the border between intimacy and majestic imagery. Her inspiration derives from the contrast between the light in summer and darkness in winter, soft string music and aggressive beats, all of which plays a part in defining the sound of ZAAR. December 2017 she played her first solo concert in Reykjavik, whereafter in 2018 she went on tour in the 4 biggest cities of Denmark with the network #KIM (Kvinder i musik/Women In Music). She thereafter went on to play at Rockwood Music Hall in New York, Den Grænseløse Festival, Iceland Airwaves, and was support for the Finnish artist Jaakoo Eino. This summer you can also experience her at Roskilde Festival and Lunga.