Halló kæru gestir LungA og hins yndislega Seyðisfjarðarbæjar! Við höfum tekið saman nokkra af bestu húðflúrurum alls staðar að úr heiminum til að prýða húðina þína. Á Tattú ráðstefnu LungA við munum bjóða yfir 20 listamönnum sem eru tilbúnir að skreyta líkama þinn með stórkostlegri hönnun. Aðgangur að húðflúrstofunni okkar er ókeypis fyrir alla, gesti LungA eða ekki. Það verður nóg af húðflúrum og vörum til að versla! Mundu því að koma með reiðufé því við getum ekki veitt rafræna greiðsluþjónustu.
Að sjálfsögðu ekki hika við kíkja við, kynnast okkur, spjalla aðeins og styðja nýja uppáhalds húðflúr listamanninn þinn. Við verðum með nokkra listamenn frá 15. júlí sem mun fjölga smám saman eftir því sem fleiri berast um allan heim alla vikuna, þar til við erum með sannarlega tattú veislu! Við verðum líka með viðburði út vikuna, svo vertu viss um að fylgjast með á Instagram síðu LungA! Við hlökkum til að sjá á þessari blessuðu viku sem við munum deila saman!
Alex Johansen Jónasson
Multidisciplinary artist from Reykjavík. Tattooing for 8 years with a speciality in fineline and abstract tattoos. Emphasis on the playful and fun aspect of tattoos as a medium.
siggi p
A tattoo artist from Reykjavik focusing on abstract black freehand design.
Sensory Discharge
Oscar Leon is a Venezuelan born multidisciplinary artist and tattooer based in Barcelona. In his 15 years in the craft his style has been rooted in traditional tattoo leaning towards a more contemporary look. His inspiration comes mainly from within and an extended variety of external sources.
Doktor Guz
Tattoo artist of 4 years, specilist in Blackwork, neotribal and Illustrative work.
Goodboy Gunnar
Gunnar Jones aka goodboygunnar is an icelandic native who specialises in traditional and bold tattoos. Gunnar has been tattooing since 2022 and is currently an working at Moonstone tattoo Studio in Reykjavík, Iceland.
Sædís is a young artist from the eastfjords of Iceland. She started doing silly little tattoos for her friends just for fun during the summer of 2020 but soon fell in love with the art of it. A year later she started her apprenticeship in Moonstone and has been tattooing there ever since. Her style consists of weird, unique creatures with mischievous character. Her designs are not supposed to be taken too seriously, they are supposed to represent the playful, spirited and lighthearted side of us, when we really just come alive.
tattoo boji
Hailing from Seyðisfjörður, Arnar “tattoo boji” does tattoos inspired by french prison and traditional tattoos.
I come from France, I tattoo from 2016 in graphic style, line work, dots, with black or blue ink. My fav topics are about love to nature, food, bodies and sensibility.
Emii grew up in spain but she was born in Iceland. Influenced by many cultures snd styles, she specifies as black and grey, micro realism, traditional and fine line. Though she also enjoys working other styles. She started her career in 2009, since then she has not yet defined her style but always adds her own personal touch to every piece. She is also dedicated to making cover ups and covering scars with beautiful pieces of art, changing the lives of some people. Her experience over the years allows her to use different techniques and styles, achieving a unique and original result. Love doing customized tattoos as well.
Yana Kryukova
Yana Kryukova is a digital artist from Russia, working in mixed media 🕸️🖤✨
underground goddaddy of trad tatts in Reykjavík
Nuha Ruby Ra
I'm a musical artist , who started their journey in tattooing in early 2024, im now going under the moniker’Untamed Youth’ for this new path in my journey! I draw my inspiration from similar places to where i draw from for my music. That is cinema, music, poetry, my own lyrics, nature, surrealism and parties. As a musical artist I played at LungA last year in 2023 which left me deep in love with the festival and Iceland. I'm honoured to be one of LungA's Artists in Residence for 2024 as well as a tattooist at the convention. My style is fine lines sketch-like drawings, using solely black and red inks. I am normally based in London, but lucky enough to travel the world for music and art!
Poster designer, illustrator, mural artist, now a tattoo person. Channeling restless spirit into linear drawings. Style: linework.
Gleb Pesoc
Born in the middle of Russia in 1995, lived in St. Petersburg. Now based in France. Style: contemporary tattoo.
Resident of private. Poland studio based in Warsaw Tattooing sine 9 years, specialization: backpiece composer, funny fine lines, single needle, black & colors, freehand, psychedelic machines.
Bio: chicky-chick with a gun and wisdom to share. Style: everything imaginable, no limits.
Been tattooing since 2018. The styles I like too do are blackwork and traditional style tattoos.
acid habibi
Polish artist living both in Copenhagen and Poznań, well known from living nomadic life. Expressing sensitivity trough drawing, painting, sculpting, tattooing and playing with synthesizers. Sharing a dream life with bear called Chico. Started tattooing almost 10 years ago and clearly existing in tattoo scene for 7 years. Collaborated with different ppl in different art fields since 2016. Took part of many festivals and events in Poland as well as outside of the country. Amazed by nature perfection and driven by her infinite imagination and what has not yet been discovered, she puts her ideas on paper, drawing creatures from out of this world and devoting herself to abstract patterns. With an unconventional approach, she always tries to create a unique relationship from which unrepeatable project emerges during the session. Always appreciates human interactions and is open to various perspectives.
data nina
I’ve been tatooing for 5 years now. I’m doing handpoke & machine, love to mix both on a piece 🍀 I draw my flashes by hand from pics I collect, mixing them into new compositions. All about figurative and ornaments, very inspired by art nouveau and angels 🧩 🌾🧩 can’t wait to meet ya!!