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Crystal Mine

We are a team of miners, our aim is to dig for hidden gemstones and bring them to the surface. The “gemstones” will be in the shape of sculptures, paintings and photographs which we create. Just like the gemstones found in the mountains all around us in the East fjords and are brought to the surface by forces of nature. We will take inspiration from these powerful natural forces and allow the elements and each other to assist in the creative process. Some Gems are right there in front of us, we just need to sharpen our vision and insight to notice them. Others are to be found buried within. For those, we will need to dig deep. We as a team will make a “tunnel” through a mountain. And our teamwork will be based on trust. Teamwork will be our Dynamite when we break through the hindrances we might come across.

I was born in Reykjavik in 1963, where I went to school. During my early studies 1983-1987, I was an active member of the experimental Art/music collective, which held concerts and performances , By the end of this period I decided to become a full-time artist. At the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht 1988-1990 I found time and facilities to deepen my creative practice.

Nature and the Icelandic landscape has been a source of inspiration from the beginning. Photographic methods have been my principal means, although my oeuvre comprises a variety of other media, including video, sculpture and installation.

From 1993 to 2004 l lived and worked in London, where I finished a Master of Fine Art degree from Goldsmiths Collage in 2002, During this period I travelled all over Europe, and the rest of the world.

Every year I run creative courses in The School of Photography in Reykjavik, I have also been a tutor at Reykjavik School of Art and at the Icelandic Academy of Art (LHÍ)

I became a certified guide in 2016, And have become increasingly Interested in Geology and the cultural heritage. I have travelled extensively in Iceland with larger and smaller groups. In my free time I enjoy bicycling and cooking. I also enjoy going on long hikes with friends to in remote parts of the country.

“Broadly Hrafnkell’s art deals with the shock of contrasts, between nature and culture, harsh nature and refined culture, His aesthetic vision deals with the ultimate questions of survival where devastation is often wrapped in irresistible beauty.In 2007 he received the prestigious Icelandic Visual Art Award. His works have been shown in galleries and museums in Europe, Russia, Japan, The United States, and Australia amongst others”.

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