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Material world

The Material world workshop aims to view objects from new perspectives and disturb the tranquility of constant consumption. With a focus on the material world a change of perspective is brought around by approaching broken objects as raw materials and components: aluminium, steel, plastic, glass, camera or speakers, instead of an object without a use-value.

The workshop is set up as a hands-on workspace where materials are transformed into objects with a new purpose, meanwhile participants will work with photography, videos and illustrations to make the process accessible. The ideology of the project is based on the 80’s ready-made movement, Mary Douglas writing about Matter out of place as well as starting point in a solution-oriented dialogue for a world that’s going to hell.

Björn Steinar is a product designer, currently based in Reykjavík. He is an enthusiastic designer who strives towards bringing around societal change through his design practice. Björn is from a generation of product designers; designing into a world over flooded with products and useless temptations. The world is in dire need of solutions to an array of problems, which is why Björn tends towards what he calls an anti-capitalistic design method; honest design practice with a real purpose, where no one is screwed over - neither people nor planets.

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